Taitopia Services to End on October 31, 2024

Taitopia OfficialTaitopia OfficialMay 24, 2024

Dear all,

The sun has never set on Taitopia. From the United Kingdom, Denmark, Turkey, and India, to New Zealand, USA, and Colombia, we have reached all inhabited continents of the world. Nevertheless, today, on the 331st day since the launch of Taitopia, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the conclusion of this tremendous journey.

Starting today, Taitopia will begin its process of sunsetting towards discontinuing its services. Changes to the service that will take place include:

Purchasing new annual subscriptions will become unavailable shortly. Existing annual subscriptions will remain active, while automatic renewals will be turned off.

As an expression of gratitude towards our early adopters, we will extend the Pro account status for our annual subscribers for free if their renewal date is before the end of the service. For annual subscribers whose renewal date is after the end of the service, we offer refunds for the prorated usage over the current billing cycle.

After September 1, 2024, Monthly subscriptions as well as new user registration will be closed.

On no earlier than October 31, 2024, Taitopia’s cloud services will shut down. Before the date you will still be able to access Taitopia as normal.

Looking towards 2025, we hope that all of you who loved Taitopia have settled on your next favorite tool for your future design projects.

The development of Taitopia has started exactly two years ago in the early May of 2022. In the beginning, we dreamed of building the first cloud-native digital content creation platform that can be accessed from anywhere with any device in the world with any device, and to some extent, we achieved that dream. Taitopia is enjoyed by designers worldwide, and with cutting-edge technologies and meticulous software designs, we have made Taitopia’s rendering quality as well as user experience to the forefront of all available 3D tools today.

On the flip side, we have found ourselves unable to sustain it in the long term. The idea of rendering on the cloud is indeed tantalizing, however, its realization involves many challenges that are beyond our control. Initially, we expected the cloud GPU costs to drop as technology evolves, but in reality due to the generative AI hype, the costs have substantially gone up instead. Unfortunately, Taitopia’s cloud native nature has made us rely on renting the expensive GPUs used for AI training to maintain the service, and we have concluded that there are no other choices but to turn them off.

Although your data is stored on our cloud servers instead of locally, all of your Taitopia files and assets are encrypted so that neither the cloud server provider nor us is possible view the contents. All your uploaded data to Taitopia will also be deleted after discontinuation of the service.

The journey with Taitopia has become one of the most treasured memories of our team, and words cannot express how grateful we feel for your passion and support. Ancient Egyptians believed that sunset marks just the beginning of the afterlife then the passed souls will eventually return with another sunrise. With a similar heart, We wish that we may meet you again somewhere along the endeavor of designing for the world.

Best Wishes,

The Taitopia Team