Security at Taitopia

Your trust is the cornerstone of our mission at Taitopia, where prioritizing security and compliance forms the heart of our operations.

Security & Privacy



Taitopia's cloud-native infrastructure offers numerous security benefits that are integral to maintaining a secure and resilient digital environment, such as Enhanced Disaster Recovery, Automated Security Updates, Isolation of Resources and Advanced Threat Detection.


Taitopia's operations are focused on integrating security into our development and service delivery, ensuring a secure and efficient user experience.

Third-party services

Taitopia carefully selects and integrates third-party services and sub-processors that adhere to our high standards for security and data protection.


How we handle your data

Taitopia handles your data with utmost confidentiality, employing end-to-end encryption and strict access controls.

Data governance

Our data governance framework ensures compliance with data privacy laws and ethical management of user data. Taitopia is also actively working towards compliance with CCPA and GDPR, reflecting our commitment to stringent data protection and privacy standards.


Taitopia's policies are designed to protect user rights and promote transparency in data usage and security practices.

Data Erasion

Upon user request, Taitopia efficiently executes data erasure, permanently deleting all user-related data in compliance with privacy standards.


Enterprise-grade Infrastructure

Taitopia utilizes robust and scalable enterprise-grade infrastructure built on top of AWS to ensure optimal performance and security for our users.


We implement comprehensive and encrypted backup strategies, including object storage replications and database backups in various regions, to safeguard user data.

High availability & Failover

Our platform is designed for high availability with failover mechanisms in place, ensuring minimal downtime and consistent access for users.

Service Status

Taitopia maintains real-time service status updates, allowing users to stay informed about the operational health of our platform. Furthermore, all regular maintenance events will be broadcast in advance. You can check it any time at